Woman on a bench : Fremantle , WA

Sitting on a bench , by the beach , all by her lonesome self .Who is she waiting for ?

Rain, wind or shine, she waits

Sitting by the beach

Waiting for her ship to sail by

The ship that carries her dreams

To bring her captain home

Safe from his seafaring

Regretting the day she let him go

In search of coin and fame

Being Selfless, she let him go

So that he could build his castles

Never letting him know

He was taking her dreams, her soul

On that maiden voyage

Leaving her to be

The Iron Maid that awaits …and awaits …

( my friend asked for a poem ..of a sort ..to accompany the photo ..so I obliged )


Picture Story : London Court – Perth WA

London Court is a little piece of England tucked away in the heart of Perth City , that I stumbled upon by accident .Built in 1937 , this quaint shopping arcade has of course been there for close to 80 years , however yours truly ended up there one sunny day after taking a wrong turn on St.Georges Terrace . and yes , I did forget all the errands I was on that day , as I was so captivated by the Elizabethan /Tudor architecture , the gargoyles , shields , crests and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee . The most interesting thing for me was the clock at the Hay Street end , showcasing mechanised knights appearing to joust with each other , when the clock chimes. Nothing makes a girl’s day like finding a knight in shining armour , even if it’s a mechanised one . There are quite a few specialty retail shops in the arcade , selling items such as chocolates , souvenirs , jewellery to Ugg Boots and you can very easily find that unique gift you may sometime end up searching for. The cafes have outdoor as well as indoor seating , so you can relax and enjoy some delicious food and beverage whilst you gaze on the fellow travellers passing by. So if you are ever in Perth , London court is a must see city attraction , even if you are from England . For those who love to Instagram , it is a picture perfect location , so please do come armed with a camera .