A thousand steps to my heart

So the other day the Bestie tells me she woke up with a few lines of a poem running through her head and I kept on asking her to complete it but she just would not. Only problem was that she told me the lines and they kept reverberating inside my head , so much so that I had to get it out. Below is the completed effort , with Bestie approval.

I need to get some sleep,I swear I’ve been trying to, but you took a 1000 steps to my heart
You knocked on the door to my life
Now i am trying to reason
Are you just a dream
The things you say
The things you do
Are you from a wonderland
Shall i put on my magic red shoes
And do a nonstop dance
Pretty please , tell me now
Before I wander down
The yellow brick road
Are you just a dream. ..

From : your modern day Alice

Through the City Square on a Friday Eve


Summer seems to be here for Perth already , although we are officially still in Spring .Since today was a balmy temperature of around 28C , I decided to walk through the city square to catch my train home , and found myself in the middle of a city bustling with people and food stalls which were filling the air with mouth-watering aromas. In other words, Perth City’s Twilight Hawkers Markets have arrived, to keep our Friday evenings well occupied. The markets starts at 4:30 pm, ending at 9:30 pm, and run over the periods of 16th October 2015 until 29th April 2016, on Fridays. There were so many stalls selling food from cuisines ranging from Mexican , Asian favourites such as Indian , Singaporean , to those with vegetarian , gluten free and halal options. By the time I got there at around 6:30 pm, the markets were in full swing, and there were long queues in front of the stalls. Although my sensory perceptions were in overload, I did not venture to brave the crowds in the queues, as I had already had dinner before I left work, and boy, was I regretting that decision fully. But as the markets will be running until April, there will be many other Fridays. (Note to self: come early to avoid the crowds and lines)

On a side note, I also got extremely distracted by a street artist, who was painting some beautiful canvasses, and I must have spent about half an hour just watching her create beauty.

I am looking forward to my Fridays more than ever now!