Comfort Food : Mac & Cheese

Saturday was a busy day , filled with lots of walking since it was Open House weekend in Perth and I went sightseeing . I also managed to sneak in some shopping at the same time , so after making all those tough decisions about what to buy and what not to buy , I was craving some comfort food for dinner. Having recently watched a rerun of MacGyver , my head was filled with various images of Mac & Cheese , and , yes , I have no clue as to why my brain associated those two together. Normally I would rely on the instant boxed varieties when making Mac & Cheese , but the Bestie recently did a video on  How to make No Fail Mac & Cheese , and the words ” No fail ” immediately drew me to it. As you can see below , it turned out alright , even though the photos don’t do it justice , and I would have taken some more photos later on , alas there was none left , as Someone decided to have a midnight snack.

Here’s to MacGyver and Mac & Cheese !

Sinful Fried Rice

Coming from an Asian household, my mother expected me to learn to cook at a very young age. Unfortunately for her, she could never coax me into the kitchen willingly, although I did love going shopping for Aprons. When I moved Down Under in early 2008 this was a major dilemma that I faced, and my admiration for who ever invented two minute noodles increased day by day. However early last year , the latent MasterChef in me awoke , all because someone requested chicken soup , request being the polite word here , the actual word would be “ challenge “ . I discovered a hidden talent in myself, the ability to cook and bake yummy treats. My mom says it’s an inheritance from my maternal grandfather who passed away before I was born and I say “Thank you, Grandpa “.

So through my cooking journey so far, I have searched high and low for the best and easiest fried rice recipe and this is one of the tastiest I’ve come across. Neither the recipe nor the video are mine, but done by Aasai Rasai, which happens to be a creation of the Bestie. The recipe uses basic ingredients, including frozen veggies, which in my personal opinion is a gift from the God of Convenience to all us busy corporate chicks. Also Fried Rice is a one pot wonder and is a premium choice of comfort food for me. There is nothing like enjoying a bowl of Fried Rice whilst watching a chick flick on a Friday Night. So when the Bestie did a cooking video on fried rice I could not wait to try it out. I have included a link to the video  for those who want to give it a go. Just a word of caution , this fried rice is addictive and you will be wanting more and more.

Happy Cooking Peeps !!

P:S  > I garnished mine with fried shallots ….