A walk in my hood

Having stuffed myself with a lot of carbohydrates, inclusive of that very yummy comfort food mac & cheese, during the last couple of weeks, I was starting to feel like a blimp. So I decided to sacrifice my Hell’s Kitchen viewing times, and go for a walk in my neighbourhood. It has been almost a year since I moved into this area, but I have not been out walking to explore it much. My old neighbourhood was closer to the city and was alive with a café strip, down which I would take a walk every Saturday. But recently I admit, I have been a lazy girl.

What I discovered on this walk was actually spring in full bloom, because every garden I passed was literally filled with flowers. They were all out in full force, roses, sunflowers, lilies, and many more that I did not know the names of. It was truly a day to admire the beauty of nature.

As I started my walk with only half hour to sunset, I could not explore the nearby river and surrounding woodlands, which I promised to myself to do on another day. But I did realise that I live in a culturally endowed neighbourhood, as on my return home, I could smell various different cuisines in the air, as many households were starting to cook dinner. There was smells of Indian spices, rice, and barbecue. All of which sensory overload led me into my own next comfort food adventure , which you can read about in my next post , soon to come up.

In the meantime, I leave you with some flowers of spring.


Open House Perth: St. George’s Cathedral, Perth, WA

The second place I visited on my Open House Perth weekend was the St. George’s Cathedral situated right in the heart of Perth City, on St. George Terrace. To be honest , it is one place that I always pass by when travelling in and out of the city , even catching the bus home from the stop right on the doorsteps of the Church . But I had never been inside to have a look until this weekend.

Being one of the few cathedrals to have been constructed of handmade bricks, the Gothic architectural look of the building is very impressive, and even though it is situated right next to modern bustling city thoroughfare, once you enter the building, you are immediately transported in time into a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Inside the Cathedral itself are beautiful stained glass windows, icons, and memorials to WA’s pioneering leaders.

St. George’s Cathedral is steeped in history, and was restored to its heritage conditions during a restoration project carried out within the last few years.

Open House Perth : Como The Treasury

When I heard that the Singaporean Luxury Hotel Brand “ Como “ was set to make its entry into Australia by opening their first hotel in Perth at the Heritage listed Treasury Buildings , which were being renovated at that time , I could not wait to get a glimpse . And Open House Perth certainly provided the opportunity during last weekend, after the Hotel opened at end of October this year. All though only certain areas were accessible for the Open House visitors, from what I could see the 48 room hotel will certainly be beyond expectations in terms of décor and luxuriousness. Designed by architect Kerry Hill , the property has understated elegance , and dare I say so , a hint of old world charm , which gives it an aura which is totally compatible with the heritage inherited with the building itself.

I spent some time in the bar, and it is an idyllic setting to relax and catch up with a friend or two after an afternoon of shopping in the city. The service was impeccable and the hot chocolate was to die for.

Comfort Food : Mac & Cheese

Saturday was a busy day , filled with lots of walking since it was Open House weekend in Perth and I went sightseeing . I also managed to sneak in some shopping at the same time , so after making all those tough decisions about what to buy and what not to buy , I was craving some comfort food for dinner. Having recently watched a rerun of MacGyver , my head was filled with various images of Mac & Cheese , and , yes , I have no clue as to why my brain associated those two together. Normally I would rely on the instant boxed varieties when making Mac & Cheese , but the Bestie recently did a video on  How to make No Fail Mac & Cheese , and the words ” No fail ” immediately drew me to it. As you can see below , it turned out alright , even though the photos don’t do it justice , and I would have taken some more photos later on , alas there was none left , as Someone decided to have a midnight snack.

Here’s to MacGyver and Mac & Cheese !

Woman on a bench : Fremantle , WA

Sitting on a bench , by the beach , all by her lonesome self .Who is she waiting for ?

Rain, wind or shine, she waits

Sitting by the beach

Waiting for her ship to sail by

The ship that carries her dreams

To bring her captain home

Safe from his seafaring

Regretting the day she let him go

In search of coin and fame

Being Selfless, she let him go

So that he could build his castles

Never letting him know

He was taking her dreams, her soul

On that maiden voyage

Leaving her to be

The Iron Maid that awaits …and awaits …

( my friend asked for a poem ..of a sort ..to accompany the photo ..so I obliged )


Tourist for a day: Shipwreck Galleries, Fremantle ,Western Australia

Ever since Bonnie Blue came roaring into my life, I have been waiting for exams to finish and a free weekend to do some touristy things. Well, this Saturday was perfect weather and off we went to Fremantle, fondly referred to as Freo by the Perthians. On a side note, since I was still getting used to Bonnie, I had the Bestie’s hubby as a passenger to boost up my confidence. Having dropped him off to slave away at work, I went off to be a tourist for a day, after all, I had lots of hours to kill until he finished. What I did with Bonnie Blue, you may ask. Well , we left Bonnie Blue safely tucked away under the shade of a tree on a side street .Yes , Bonnie is of the four wheel variety that guzzles gas when she is hungry .

My destination for the day was the WA museum, housing the Shipwreck Galleries. The museum is home to hundreds of relics salvaged from ships wrecked along WA‘s coastline, including the original timbers from The Batavia, a ship belonging to the Dutch East India Company (VOC). There are also artefacts from the Dutch Shipwrecks Zuytdorp , Zeewijk and Vergulde Draeck. Even though being wrecked due to striking a reef, the Batavia has a story of mutiny and murder. You can read more about it here

Entry to the museum is by donation and photography is allowed. Which is why I am not going to write too much about what I saw, but instead I will let your eyes feast on the pictorial presentation. Make sure you have lots of time on hand, because there are quite a lot of displays and galleries. I think I spent about 3 – 4 totally captivated hours looking at the exhibits and reading about them.

After the Shipwreck Galleries , I spent my day gallivanting about the town , as Freo is full of things to see such as the markets , the Maritime Museum and of course , the Beach . And if you get hungry, there are numerous places to choose from. Freo is a great place to be a tourist for a day.

How to get to the Shipwreck Galleries:

The Blue Cat (not the four legged kind, but a free bus service around the city), will get you there, get off at stop number 17 which is almost at the doorstep of the museum.

.(Toured on 17/10/2015)

Of Cake, Candles and Birthday Wishes

“ Every day , every birthday candle I blow out , every penny I throw over my shoulder in a wishing well , every time my daughter says ‘ let’s make a wish on a star ‘ , there is one thing I wish for : Wisdom “

     –          Rene Russo –

We all make wishes on our birthdays, but do they ever come true? Well, yesterday was my birthday and I feel like waxing eloquent on the topic. Birthdays are special days for anyone, even though some of us pretend it’s just another day. I used to celebrate just like everyone else, complete with balloons, cake, candles, but lately I have been converted to be a pretender. My normal practice is to take the day off work so I don’t have to face the barrage of questions about ‘ birthday plans ‘ , but being rather disorderly this month , I forgot to take the day off , and ventured out to office yesterday , with my fingers crossed , hoping no one would remember. Now don’t get me wrong please , I love being spoiled with hugs , flowers , chocolates , and random gifts , because I know they come with love from all my dear friends , but I think because none of my wishes come true , I dread the thought of blowing on a candle for a futile purpose. And then I think, maybe it’s just the wishes that I make, maybe they are not meant to be. Or is it just me and my fate? Maybe I need to borrow the luck of the Irish…Or should I have wished for Wisdom …

As a little girl, I would count the days until my Birthday. As an adult, it has become a reminder of time gone by, and wishes not coming true .But being an adult, should I even think of wishes? So I guess a Birthday is another day for the child in me to come out , but instead of waiting for the postman to come by with Birthday Cards , I wait for the notifications from Facebook to see who has posted on my wall , text messages , and phone calls . And I keep wishing for that one message, the one I know would make my day, the one that doesn’t come. Not yesterday , not today and not tomorrow , no matter how many candles I blow , how many pennies I throw , how many stars that fall down , I guess I should have wished for Wisdom ..

And then I come home , thinking I should watch a movie , I select “ 13 going on 30 “ , only to realise it’s about a teenager wishing to be 30 on her 13th birthday , the difference is she uses wishing dust instead of blowing on candles . So maybe I have been using the wrong medium to convey my wishes to the Birthday Genie, or should I have wished for Wisdom?

Deciding it’s time for a new movie, I look around and my eye catches the day’s mail on the dining table. I dive into it and unearth a card from my parents. Reading it, I realise, maybe I was their wish come true and I become a believer again.


Yes, it is definitely time to gather more candles, pennies and wishing dust. I am going to stare at the sky, and wait for falling stars every night. I am going to make a wish. A wish for Wisdom.

P: S If you know someone who has a birthday coming up, don’t forget to wish them, because you never know, that maybe their birthday wish.